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Just a little bit about myself… and how I got here!

I am a small town girl that grew up in Northern Saskatchewan with a wonderful family!  As soon as I was able, I was on an airplane travelling the world, meeting new people and experiencing great things!  After I saw as much as my budget would allow, I decided I better get some education and make something of myself!  I have a business background, specializing in Human Resources where I worked in Oil and Gas.   Prior to this I worked in the Financial Industry and most recently have become a Photographer and a Certified Home Stager.


In and amongst these accreditations I got married to the most wonderful man I could ever ask for and had beautiful 3 children!  We are relatively new to the Cochrane area where I have had to redefine who I am as a working mom and have created Goats Beard Enterprises which consists of Home Staging , Photography and a small Chicken Operation for Fresh Eggs!  

“Goats Beard”  you ask?  What the heck does that mean???  There are 2 different types of Goats Beard flowers that grow very well in Southern Alberta and ironically enough my nickname given to me by my lovely mother as a baby was “Goaty”.   


So when I’m not out Staging a house, doing a Photoshoot, collecting eggs or hanging out with my fabulous friends and family, you can find me out running, searching for great deals at markets or my absolute favorite garage sales!  I love being outside and taking in all of this great life that has been given to me!


I am very proud and passionate of my new business venture and am looking forward to what the future has to offer!

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